Monday, July 19, 2010

Five Reasons to Watch the New "Buffy"

Those of us who have read the comic already know what Whedon has in store for the return of the series, which premiers on itunes in about a half hour. For everyone else (those who are illiterate, don't have time, or are against the medium) they will be introduced through this (finally) animated version of Joss Whedon's eighth season. From someone who has read, speaking to those who have not, here are the reasons to look forward to the show:

5. Action and Epicness. One of the goals of turning Buffy into a comic or animated series (which was initially planned before a comic was) was to step up the scale of the action due to not being bound by a TV budget. And the comic did just that. In season 8, you will be treated to action and monsters on a scale the show never touched upon (including the US army vs. an army of slayers. And werewolves). There's some serious Lord of the Rings shit going on in these battles, and the new season will present all of them. It's hailed as Buffy's most epic season, and in terms of actually being an epic, it is... actually epic.

4. The Return of Your Favorite Characters. Joss Whedon is, by standard definitions, the Lord. Defined in that he giveth, and he taketh away. Given his track record, he'll probably giveth back what he taketh, but with Joss, everyone seems to come back eventually (except for a few cases where, as Jud Crandall would say, "shometimes dahd is buttah"). And if you had a favorite character, they'll be back this season. Talking and acting and making sweet, two-dimensional love. But because Joss is a magical man with magical trousers, it will not be forced. Everyone will return when they need to and because they need to. Except Tara, who remains shot in the chest.

3. The music. We get the storytelling, and it was good...and very moving. But Buffy had a one hell of a score through each of its seasons. Stabbing your hunny bunny through the chest is more painful when accompanied by a tragic piano diddy (which, spoiler alert, you will be hearing again).

2. Character development. It was what drove the show. Buffy, with its immaculate writing, had phenomenally crafted characters. They grew so much from season to season. And their may be more growth here than in any one season of the show. In Dawn's case, about 20 ft. There are character relationships/hookups that are the most surprising since Willow and Tara. Characters doing and saying things you would never expect them to, because they are still growing. And some doing exactly what you might expect them to, because, while growing, they're still the same person.

1. Its Immaculate Writing. Buffy was possibly the most well-written show in TV history. The entire writing staff has returned. While it's the one thing we got in the comic, it is still the big thing here. Some may very well say "the thing that makes it good". But the gang is back together. Its Joss Whedon, returning to his baby. Not only that, but this is the longest season of the show (see above: epic) at two volumes that will comprise 40 episodes. It also has the largest cast, because those slayers... there are a lot of them.

Also, if that didn't sell you... the villain's name is Twilight. So, world, let it be known that Buffy will truly and literally be kicking Twilight's ass on a weekly basis.

Trailer premiered but was taken down due to a sound mixup. First episode still scheduled to premiere sometime today.

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