Tuesday, July 21, 2009

New Freddy To Be Revealed Tomorrow?

According to producer Brad Fuller, the first image of Jackie Earle Hayley as Freddy Krueger will (finally) be revealed at 10am pacific time tomorrow.

I, for one, anxiously await this remake. Having met Robert Englund and heard him give his full blessings to Haley, I accept someone new taking up the mantle. I also think that if anyone is up to the job, it's Jackie Earle Hayley. He is the kind of actor that can totally immerse himself in a role, and that's exactly what this calls for. Also, his performance in Watchmen was frightening, jaw-dropping and Oscar worthy (he already has one nomination to his credit, for the record).

This new Krueger is said to return to the heyday of the first three films (and to an extent, I suppose, New Nightmare) with a darker, frightening Freddy. A true bogeyman. Haley is reportedly so intense in the role that he made co-star Rooney Mara (Nancy) cry, resulting in many extra takes that were probably worth it in the long run.

The film is directed by Samuel Bayer (his feature film debut) and hits theaters on April 16, 2010

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