Saturday, March 21, 2009

I bid you welcome

Welcome, friends, to Captain Cadaver's Happy Horror Blog. We're in for a treat, kids. Here, you and your old pal Captain Cadaver will be discussing, criticizing and reminiscing about all things horror. I'll be following along with recent genre news, reminiscing about classics past, and hopefully introducing folks to some lovely gems they may have missed.

I'll try to look at things from as fair a view as I can, but it is my blog, and I can get caught up in the moment sometimes when discussing things I might.... disagree with, things that sometimes go by the name of Stephanie Meyer. Either way, I'll try to never be as big a dick as the ending of Sleepaway Camp (mega points to those who get the reference).

So come on in folks, the storm's really picking up out there, and you might need somewhere to stay for the night. I'll fix a pot of tea, we'll put on a fire, and maybe even toss in a movie or two...

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